SDL Trados Studio, market-leading translation software, provides a range of sophisticated features to help you not only work more easily but also up to 20% faster* than previous versions of SDL Trados.

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SDL AppStore

SDL continues to offer innovative tools for the translation supply chain. Prooving intensive efforts and investing more than USD 100 million in developing the most innovative tools for the translation industry so far, SDL has recently put a unique service into application. SDL AppStore is the app store and development hub of SDL Language Technologies where you can:

Download apps to extend the functionality of your SDL softwareDownloading an app is easy. Just click on the download button, sign into your SDL 'My Account' and follow the installer instructions, it's as simple as that.

Join the SDL AppStore Developer Program

If you have developer experience then you can download our Software Development Kit (SDK) and build your own apps for your internal use or to add to the SDL App Store.

For translators, reviewers and project managers SDL AppStore is an online hub where you will find plugins or applications (apps) to extend the functionality of your SDL software. All of the apps available to download have been designed to enable you to get things done faster and with less effort. Many of the apps are free to download and each app comes with a full description and instructions on how to use it.

The apps help with a range of translation processes including:

  • Handling different file types
  • Improving the efficiency of your analysis process
  • Reducing and automating project management tasks
  • Preparing work for other translators and reviewers
  • Accessing terminology and dictionary resources

Below, you will find some brief information for some of the handy tools that will convert your translation work into enjoyment. Click SDL AppStore for accessing full information and for downloading the tools for your advantage. Remember most of the tools are offered FREE of CHARGE for SDL Trados users.

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MyMemory is the worlds largest Translation Memory. MyMemory is 100% free. It has been created collecting TMs from the European Union, United Nations and aligning the best domain specific multilingual websites. With the plugin you can get access to MyMemory huge translation memory database and get suggestions from Machine Translation. As an optional feature, you can save your own translations in a private or public TM on Mymemory to share it with your colleagues or clients. FREE!

Reverse the language pair of any TM with SDLTmConvert

The SDLTmConvert app allows you to convert your SDLTM files into an XLIFF file for QA and editing in SDL Trados Studio or a XML, CSV or TXT for use in spread sheets, databases and text editors. You can also convert SDLTM files into TMX files for use in older versions of SDL translation software. You can create a new translation memory (TM) from an existing TM which has the original source and target language pair reversed. For example, from an English to Greek TM, a new TM can be created which has Greek as the source language and English as the target language. FREE!

Create a termbase in seconds: Glossary Converter

The Glossary Converter app makes it quick and easy to convert spread sheet glossaries into termbases and vice versa. Just simply drag and drop an Excel file onto the app icon and it creates a termbase ready for you to use. The app has recently been updated to work with SDL MultiTerm 2009 and to support Excel files with multiple sheets and text only fields. FREE!

Easily manage large files with SDLXLIFF Split/Merge

The SDLXLIFF Split/Merge app enables you to split large SDLXLIFF files, work on them individually in SDL Trados Studio and then merge back them together again. You can split the SDLXLIFF file by word count, into numerous equal parts or by segment. FREE!

Comprehensive translation audit trail with SDLXLIFF Compare

The SDLXLIFF Compare app is a fast and easy way to compare SDLXLIFF files and display the comparison in an easy to understand report. The user can see exactly what changes have been made between different versions of files to provide a complete audit trail for any translation job. FREE!

Use a TM of any language pair: Any TM Translation Provider

The AnyTM Translation Provider app allows you to use any translation memory (TM) as a reference in SDL Trados Studio. You can leverage any file based or server TM, regardless of whether the language pair of the TM matches the language pair that you have selected for your project.

Legacyfile flexibility: SDLXLIFF to Legacy Converter

The SDLXLIFF to Legacy Converter makes it even easier to work with Trados legacy files in SDL Trados Studio. You can convert SDLXLIFF files into .doc, docx, ttx or tmx files. Work created in Studio can then be given to users of older Trados tools and imported back into Studio as SDLXLIFF files when they have completed the work.

Instant access to terminology: SDL MultiTerm Widget

The SDL MultiTerm Widget provides quick and easy access to terminology and to online content resources. Simply highlight a word from any application on your desktop and retrieve its meaning and translation immediately.

Review packages outside of Studio: Package Reader

Package Reader allows you to preview your SDL Trados Studio packages directly from Windows Explorer, without having to open Studio. By right clicking on a package this app allows you to instantly see word analysis, job progress statistics, translation memories, termbases and you can even view the contents of SDLXLIFF files.


NEW in this version:

Support for SDL Trados Studio 2015

New installer now integrates with Windows user control mechanism (you are asked whether you want the installer to apply changes to your computer).

Have you ever counted the number of clicks necessary to export a SDLTM to TMX? Do you agree that exporting to TMX should be a one click process? If so, SDLTMExport is for you: simply drag and drop your SDLTMs into the program window and click the Export button. The exported TMX files will be created in the same directory as its originating SDLTM file. FREE!

Manage resources: SDL TM Management Utility

The SDL TM Management Utility is a compact app for administering file based SDL Trados Studio translation memories (TMs). You can use this app to export SDL Trados Studio TMs to Trados 2007 format, remove duplicate entries and also reverse language pairs to quickly build accurate TMs. FREE!

SDL XLIFF Converter for MS Office

This application provides the user with the ability to create DOCX or XLSX documents containing the source and the target text from a fully populated SDL XLIFF. User is then able to use MS Word application to review/edit the exported document and use the tool to import these changes back to the original SDL XLIFF file. In order to use this application, you first need to download and install the ‘Open XML SDK 2.0 for Microsoft Office’, which you can download using the URL in the Technical Requirements below. FREE!