SDL Trados Studio, market-leading translation software, provides a range of sophisticated features to help you not only work more easily but also up to 20% faster* than previous versions of SDL Trados.

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Embrace your passion for language

At SDL we love languages and want to support those who choose to use their love of language as the foundation of their career. As a language student you are at the very beginning of an exciting journey.

You will have many choices to make as you go through your course, and one of those choices is likely to be whether you choose to study translation. If you do, then the adventure starts here!

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Why SDL Trados Studio?

You may be wondering why you need to use a translation tool at all? As you progress through your linguists course you will have many opportunities to translate texts that you have taken much time and care over. Imagine being able to store those translations, use them again and even improve on them if the need arises. SDL Trados Studio allows you to do just that. You'll be able to recall past translations and re-use them meaning you never lose any of your valuable work.

The component within SDL Trados Studio that stores your translations is called the translation memory (TM). During your studies you will learn that a TM is a valuable asset for a translator that ensures that you never have to translate the same content twice. SDL Trados Studio gives you the flexibility to create as many TMs as you wish, for instance, to use with specific languages, industries or future clients. You may even be able to work on building your first translation memory which you can take with you from student to translation professional.

Boost employability by adding SDL Certification to your CV

SDL offers students the opportunity to gain certifications in CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) Tool competency. The certification covers a range of topics and levels of ability depending on experience. SDL certification is a great addition to your CV and an indication of CAT Tool excellence for future employers.

  • SDL certification exams are free for students and requests to take exams can be made through your university lecturer
  • Exams can be taken online at the users own leisure, there is no expiry date on the exam
  • Each exam is presented in modular format. Modules range from Studio beginners to advanced, MultiTerm, Project Management or Post-Editing
  • Workbooks, presentations and sample files are provided to help prepare for the exam

"SDL Trados Studio is the industry’s benchmark; the go-to CAT tool for thousands of translation professionals across the globe – and there is a good reason for it. At KU Leuven I received comprehensive training with this software, and I was honestly impressed by its versatility and reliability. When I start my career as a freelance translator, I will need a robust tool that caters for the demands of an ever-changing industry, and with the SDL Trados Studio Freelance License, I am convinced I got just that."

Perry Vangronsveld – student at KU Leuven

Discover what it's like working for a translation agency

Are you SDL certified? If so, then why not apply for work experience at one of our SDL offices at various locations around the world! Working with the team at SDL will give you a great feel for life working for a large translation agency whilst improving your use of SDL Trados Studio. Please be aware that work experience places are limited and unfortunately we can not accept all applications, but we will hold your details in case an opportunity arises.

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"We would definitely suggest SDL Trados Studio both to technical translators and to students of technical translation because it provides a lot of benefits such as the spell-checking, the creation of TB's and TM's (which can be managed and enriched over and over for different clients and translations) and customizable lists of variables. Furthermore, it reduces the delivery time thanks to effective suggestions coming from fuzzy matches and fragment matches."

Ilaria Valente, Borana Shermadhi, Martina Buonvino – students at University of Salento

Online Community Support

Have a question regarding installation, licensing or need technical product help? Our Customer Experience Team would love to hear from you.

  • Our team of experts are available for extended core hours. You can now get help from 8am to 11pm UK time via an online chat facility or info@set-soft.com.
  • Support can be given in: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian and Romanian.
  • Chinese and Japanese support will be given in local office hours.