SDL Trados Studio, market-leading translation software, provides a range of sophisticated features to help you not only work more easily but also up to 20% faster* than previous versions of SDL Trados.

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SDL Trados Studio is World’s #1 translation platform and SDL continues to enhance its powerful features time to time in order to meet industrial requirements and also for keeping the product up-to-date. New features are sometimes offered free of charge and is automatically received by your product timely if your automatic upgrade feature is enabled and sometimes a set of new features are collected as a package which is offered to users at a reasonable price.

Although it is not compulsory for users to purchase an upgrade, we strongly recommend them to do so for many reasons of which only some are summarized below:

There are practical reasons to upgrade

A great majority of translation professionals use Microsoft based computer software for their work such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Windows Explorer, etc. The world’s software giant Microsoft enhances its products according to demands from its users and/or requirements arisen in time, and when Microsoft upgrades its products, there comes out a sort of a discrepancy with those other software if they are not adjusted to use the same enhancements/changes as Microsoft does. For this reason, all other software developers must work to keep their own products up-to-date with Microsoft products.

SDL Inc. follows Microsoft upgrades closely and upgrades its products in accordance with Microsoft upgrades so that no SDL Trados user fails to serve their customers effectively and they are kept up-to-date with the market.

We recommend our users to upgrade their tools accordingly so they also become ale to use numerous new features which will boost their productivity and service quality.

There are pragmatic reasons to upgrade

Most of the software developers in the World build upgrades to their products according to the reasons explained herein and they announce a reasonable price for their legacy users to upgrade their products to that new version. In the event users avoid upgrading, their products become incompatible with the other software products they have to operate in their computers and they are anyhow forced to upgrade one day; however, they come across a high cost for upgrade for the reason that they actually need to purchase 2, 3 or 4 upgrades not only one, and the cost is almost the same as purchasing the software from scratch. Besides, software developers time to time announce a certain build is ‘dead’ which means they do not support to that and any lower build products any more. That means users become obliged to purchase a new product from scratch if they do not upgrade before the time the build is announced dead.

For this reason the best choice is to purchase an upgrade without losing much time when it is released, which helps you to keep your product up-to-date with the world and live to serve your enhanced industry requirements .

Cost of timely upgrades is much lower when compared to long term upgrades. Another crucial note is that our users may choose to upgrade their products at an early bird campaign a short time before an upgrade is released or follow our marketing campaigns with discounts in upgrade prices; however, we strongly avoid to give any commitments in any form that we may launch a discount campaign in the future.

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