SDL Trados Studio, market-leading translation software, provides a range of sophisticated features to help you not only work more easily but also up to 20% faster* than previous versions of SDL Trados.

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Over 190.000 professional translators all over the world use the SDL Trados software. SDL Trados enables them to produce high-quality translations, more rapidly and accurately. Discover SDL Trados, the world's indisputably the most outstanding translation software and claim your place in the world of professionals and help raise world-class translators.

SDL has exclusively developed the SDL Trados Certificate Program to offer lecturers all sorts of technical assistance. SDL Trados Graduate Certificate Program helps lecturers improve their professional skills and better contribute to the academic progress of their students by offering tuition-free enrollment in courses and curriculum support

251 universities worldwide have already signed up for the SDL Trados Graduate Certificate Program, a golden opportunity for the Translation Departments of universities. Working together with SDL, universities develop core competencies that enhance their organizational competitiveness while lecturers enjoy numerous benefits. The University Certification Program which can be attended free of charge allows universities to offer certification courses and issue certificates to students who have successfully completed the program. This way, students obtain the SDL Trados Certificate, which is widely recognized in the industry, by simply attending the free courses at their own universities (if they indeed pass the certification exam implemented independently by universities)...

Why should lecturers enroll in the SDL University Certificate Program?

1- You gain recognition in the sector as a professional translator by obtaining the SDL Trados Certificate

Having the SDL Trados certificate attests to your competence to produce excellent quality translations. You increase your acquaintance with SDL Trados technologies and boost your competitive edge by successfully getting past all the 3 stages of the certificate program.

2- You receive training from SDL approved trainers

You enhance your knowledge of the leading translation software in the world by participating in personalized training courses. You obtain your SDL Trados Certificate through on line courses or face to face classes and prepare your students for their future careers as a certified and fully competent trainer.

3- You establish valuable contacts with industry leaders, Language Service Providers and other corporations during SDL activities

You meet lots of industry experts along with various translation company representatives and use your connections to strengthen your position in the sector.

4- SDL Trados program gives you the opportunity to improve your professional skills and competencies

SDL, which gives its users a leading edge in the sector,regularly arranges conferences where translators get the opportunity of delivering lectures to a select crowd in their area of expertise. We also keep you up to date with the latest developments in the sector through our bulletins.

5- You may be put on our website as the 'SDL Trados Trainer of the Month'

Each month, SDL Trados chooses among ambitious and motivated trainers to honor the most suitable candidate with the title of 'The SDL Trados Trainer of the Month'.

6- You contribute to the bulletins, which are sent to the academic staff, by sending your own articles

You strengthen your position in the translation industry by exchanging your ideas and opinions with other academics through essays and case work studies.

7- You may join the SDL Trados Advisory Board

SDL Trados Graduate Certificate Program allows you to share your professional insights with your colleagues and students.

8- You enjoy special price discounts for the SDL Trados software

You may obtain up to date information about the most widely used Computer Aided Translation tool in the sector via special discounts.

Feel free to contact us via; info@set-soft.com for detailed information.