SDL Trados Studio, market-leading translation software, provides a range of sophisticated features to help you not only work more easily but also up to 20% faster* than previous versions of SDL Trados.

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Translation Service Providers

SDL Trados is the most popular CAT tool in the world designed for professional translators. Trados retains in its memory database all the translations done by the translators in your company. If an identical or a similar sentences comes up later, it does not need to be translated again, saving you time and money.

As more and more translations are stored in the software's memory, you'll find that it takes you much less time to complete new projects. Owing to its intelligent search and placement function, some sections of a text will be called automatically from the database, allowing translators to perform twice as much work as they normally do.

Using Trados, you will witness a 100% of increase in the quality of your translations as well as their speed.

Your translators will get the chance to produce more creative translations with the extra time on their hands. Divergences in style, which inevitably occur when translators translate various sorts of documents for various companies, simply become a thing of the past. Even more importantly, the software allows translators to stick to the same terminology and wording when more than one translator works on a single big project. The text will read coherently as if it had been translated by a single person. Following the completion of the translation of a text, Trados carries out all the necessary checks regarding spelling, page layout, punctuation and textual coherence and gives you the chance to fix any issues that need correcting, thereby allowing you to return a perfect translation to the customer. Another advantage of using Trados is that it preserves the original page layout of files.

Use Trados in your company and you will see your company reputation and profitability soaring by 100%.

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