SDL Trados Studio, market-leading translation software, provides a range of sophisticated features to help you not only work more easily but also up to 20% faster* than previous versions of SDL Trados.

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Industrial and Commercial Companies

SDL Trados Studio stores all your translations in a linguistic database (Translation Memory or TM).

TM stores all the translated sentences in its database, dividing them as source and target sentences. Each time a department embarks on a new translation project, TM automatically searches its translation memory for a similar sentence already stored in its memory. If any similarities are found between the sentences in the new text and previously translated sentences already stored in its memory, the program brings them up and marks the incongruities, if any, with a blue underline. If there is a 100% match, TM displays the suggested sentence in its entirety and places it in the target section.

This intelligent software will significantly improve your translation speed. The documents which you translate will bear the distinct mark of your corporation's culture enhanced by a modern document management system. Using Trados, your company will witness a 100% of increase in the quality of its translations as well as its speed. Your employees will spend less time on translations. Inaccurate or missing translations will no longer be an issue. Stylistic and terminological incongruities, which inevitably occur when different translators work on similar documents over a long period of time, simply become a thing of the past.

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