SDL Trados Studio, market-leading translation software, provides a range of sophisticated features to help you not only work more easily but also up to 20% faster* than previous versions of SDL Trados.

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SDL Studio GroupShare

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SDL Studio GroupShare 2015

SDL Studio GroupShare is the perfect collaboration platform for translation teams of all sizes. Entirely integrated with SDL Trados Studio and SDL MultiTerm,
SDL Studio GroupShare allows teams to work centrally on project management, translation memories and terminology. The result is far more efficient translation project work flows.

Use SDL Studio GroupShare 2015 to simplify, accelerate and streamline your localization projects. The new enhanced assignment and archiving features automate more tasks and save you more time. SDL Studio GroupShare 2015 is here!


Why use GroupShare?

Localization and project managers, translators and team leaders are looking for better ways to collaborate, share and centralize project resources, translation memories and terminology. Often translation teams are geographically dispersed making managing translation projects and sharing data very challenging. To remain competitive, small teams and translation agencies can use SDL Studio GroupShare 2015 to help streamline processes, reduce coordination efforts and offer secure access to all in-house and external resource, whilst retaining the integrity of the information and quality of the resulting translations.

Sharing translation assets

SDL Studio GroupShare has three powerful components for sharing that combine complete terminology management, maximum re-use of translation memories and enables translation project sharing and collaboration for SDL Trados Studio users.

Translation Memories - share translation memories in a high performance way between widely dispersed team members.

Terminology - Comprehensive terminology management for translation teams to store, manage and share terminology.

Translation Projects - An advanced project sharing platform for SDL Trados Studio users.

Faster, smoother project flow

Expanding on SDL Translation Memory (TM) Server and SDL MultiTerm Server capabilities,SDL Studio GroupShare also has a Project Server to manage projects across a team.

Enabling complete project collaboration, now all of your translators and reviewers can access centrally shared project assets from any location without the need for project managers to distribute files via packages. Through SDL Trados Studio, files can be checked in and out by the individual team members in real-time, reducing the administration involved in managing projects.

A collaboration platform

SDL Studio GroupShare 2015 is the collaboration platform for SDL Trados Studio users that combines:

  • Complete terminology management
  • Maximum re-use and real-time sharing of translation memories
  • Sharing and collaboration of translation projects
  • Full integration with SDL Trados Studio for ease of use and extreme translator productivity
  • One central interface for managing TMs, and projects

SDL Studio GroupShare provides

SDL Trados Studio 2015 has been designed to be intuitive, so you can get started as soon as possible. However, if you do need a little guidance on the way - no problem - we have many resources to help:

  • Live, real-time sharing of resources and stats updates
  • Seamless integration with SDL Trados Studio
  • Robust and proven capabilities
  • Secure task assignment
  • Complete terminology, not just a glossary
  • Integration into the extended translation supply chain
  • Organization of old projects with project archiving
  • Unique extensibility with SDL OpenExchange

What's new in SDL Studio GroupShare 2015?

SDL Studio GroupShare 2015 works with SDL Trados Studio 2015 to provide a complete translation platform to support language service providers.

SDL Studio GroupShare 2015 saves time for project managers by reducing administration tasks and automating more functions, making translation processes faster. You can assign files to SDL Studio GroupShare users outside SDL Trados Studio using the powerful new REST/API functionality. The new features help streamline localization projects whilst maintaining consistency, quality and security.

Get organized with project archiving

With the new SDL Studio GroupShare 2015 you can now refine your project list by archiving old projects. As well as the being able to set up automatic archiving, users also have the flexibility to choose a 'soft archive' allowing projects to be restored into a live project, or to 'detach' the project from GroupShare 2015 by saving it to an archive folder. Fully ISO compliant, this new archiving option can also help to boost performance by reducing the amount of data that is processed by the program.

Assign files to users outside of SDL Trados Studio

The powerful GroupShare REST API has been extended to offer functionality around assignment. You can now assign files to GroupShare users through the API (for instance using Plunet) without using SDL Trados Studio to manually perform assignments. This unlocks new possibilities such as predefining assignments as well as dynamically assigning permissions to users based on assignments.

New look and feel

All users of the new SDL Studio GroupShare 2015 will now enjoy a fresh new user interface with a modern look and feel and new flat icons consistent with other SDL Language Platform solutions.

Enhanced notifications between users

When project managers, translators and reviewers are using the new SDL Studio GroupShare 2015 comments that users add when checking-in documents are now included in the notification to the next person, making it easier for users to access the information they need.

Translation memory performance enhancements

When you create a new translation memory in SDL Studio GroupShare 2015 advanced tuning settings are now set to 'speed' by default which means results are displayed to the user even faster

Words that appear most commonly are removed from fuzzy matching so that when the TM Maintenance task is run it takes out the 1000 most frequent words from the fuzzy indexes which can improve the performance of large TMs.

Plus much more

Further updates in this release include:

  • Newest projects at the top of the list
    - project managers can now spend less time looking for what they need as newest projects now appear at the top of the Projects and Background Tasks views.
  • Multiple translation memory deletion
    - Using SDL Studio GroupShare 2015 you can now select multiple translation memories and delete them in one go, as well as being able to schedule exports of those TMs.

Enjoy collaboration

  • Overall translation quality improves – using centralized and shared translation memory and terminology team members can access updates quickly and easily.
  • Faster project turnaround – everyone can access projects at any time avoiding costly time delays caused by individuals working in different time zones.
  • Reduces overall project costs – by reducing project management activity necessary to distribute files.
  • Every team member is aware of progress – real time completion status is always available within the shared project environment.
  • Skills are used in the most effective way – team members can choose which files to work on.
  • Streamlined project set up – less manual steps to create and start a project.


Sharing and team working
  • Central repository for all project files
  • Team members instantly benefit from each others work
  • Team progress is visible to all
  • Project reports track progress
  • Team is connected

Quality and consistency
  • Centralized asset management
  • Everyone uses the correct files
  • Terminology is up to date
  • Maximum leverage
Project efficiency
  • Project files are shared from a central collaboration hub
  • Controlled document versions
  • Less file maintenance
  • Instant access to project progress

Security and control
  • Centralized back up of valuable translation assets
  • Centralized user management
  • Capacity to manage all sizes of team
  • When everything is stored on a central collaboration hub, you can back up and protect your files regularly. It’s also completely secure. And as your team grows a centralized solution means you can continue to add users with no performance problems.

Benefits for your translation business

  • Reduce project delays – the whole team can access files, self-service, at any time
  • Better use of resources – removes dependency on a specific person
  • Better quality and more consistent translation – through collaborative resource sharing
  • Faster project delivery – reduces manual file handling and errors
  • Fewer mistakes – consistently share the correct assets for a more reliable translation process
  • Lower total cost of ownership – a simpler solution to manage due to a common deployment infrastructure
  • Confidence – proven Terminology and TM centralization solutions

Benefits for Project Managers

  • More time available – eliminates project packages so you can focus on project management and not the file administration
  • A more productive team – the collaborative environment drives team success
  • Motivated team members – everyone sees their peers progress
  • Greater control over workload – centralize visibility of status for multiple projects
  • Proactively manage projects – quickly recognize where bottlenecks might be occurring

Benefits for Translators

  • Focus on translation – Less time managing files and packages
  • Confidence in translation assets – always use the latest, central versions
  • Less isolation – Greater visibility of progress makes it easier to work as part of a team
  • More flexibility – Translation files and resources are accessible at any time
  • No new tools to learn – Accessed through SDL Trados Studio, there is only one environment to work in
  • No distractions – Less administration and reporting means you can focus on translation

What are the component parts of SDL Studio GroupShare?

SDL Studio GroupShare consists of 3 component parts:

  • SDL Studio GroupShare Translation Memory - live, shared translation memory. Shared translation assets, drive faster localization and leverage the latest team updates to the TM, while reducing overall costs.
  • SDL Studio GroupShare Terminology by MultiTerm - consistent branding and technical terms. Enable highly flexible centralized management of terminology, ensure consistent branding, deliver accurate source and content in all languages.
  • SDL Studio GroupShare Project - share translation projects in a central location. Work with groups to share translation projects, simplify project administration, reduce email exchanges and the time it takes to complete localization projects.

TM Server

Scalable Translation Memory Management

Deliver maximum re-use and cost savings for your translation team.

SDL Studio GroupShare Translation Memory (TM) Server is the scalable foundation for any translation environment, providing the ability to share translation memories in a flexible and intelligent way to all parties in the translation supply chain. With exponential, fast growth of translation memories, centralizing assets and collaborative working are the only ways to drive faster localization while reducing overall costs.


Concurrent access - Enabling access for hundreds of team members
Live Updates - So that team members benefit from each others work
Centralised - For back-up and protection of valuable intellectual property

Integration with SDL Trados Studio

With SDL Studio GroupShare TM translators using SDL Trados Studio connect to server-based translation memories to leverage translations in real-time. They can also choose to work offline using the latest translation memories available. SDL Studio GroupShare TM is a powerful server that enables high performance translation logistics and throughput rates. Designed to support growth from small numbers to hundreds of translation memories, this high performance translation environment delivers TM transaction speeds not possible with a desktop-only environment.

With a seamless upgrade path from existing SDL systems, the upgrade wizard easily converts both file and server-based TMs. TM field settings are centralized, meaning it is simple to apply new fields and resources to TMs in one go.

MultiTerm Server

Complete Server based Terminology Management
Increase quality as the whole team can use the correct corporate language.

Product names, search engine keywords, technical references and legal terms are all examples of terminology that must be kept consistent. SDL Studio GroupShare MultiTerm Server provides one central location to store and manage multilingual terminology by providing access to all those involved in applying terminology, SDL Studio GroupShare Terminology ensures consistent and high-quality translations.

Proven Technology

Based on the reliable and proven SDL MultiTerm technology, everyone can access the allocated files and the terms assigned to them, from one central location. SDL Studio GroupShare MultiTerm Server allows access to terminology at any time, ensuring that the most up-to-date terms, are available from anywhere in the world.

SDL Studio GroupShare MultiTerm Server integration with SDL Trados Studio significantly optimizes the translation process with real-time verification of multilingual terminology. Translators can automatically apply, edit or add terminology in one familiar environment. This helps improve the efficiency of the translation process and promotes high-quality translated content.

Project Server

Enchanced collaboration for translation teams

Project Managers will find they can do far more in less time with SDL Studio GroupShare. The administration of setting up, monitoring and managing people and resources is dramatically reduced when teams can self-manage. Rather than organizing files, chasing progress updates and creating progress reports, they just need to make sure everything is accessible centrally.

With the new enhanced management features, added functionality and faster server connection you can simplify, accelerate and streamline any of your localization projects.

Secure Task Assignment

SDL Studio GroupShare 2015 enables greater control and visibility of your projects with the added benefit of secure assignment of tasks across both internal and external resources.

Translation projects can now be controlled to a far greater degree as files may now be specifically allocated to a particular linguist for a particular task, rather than part of an open collection of assets. This enables Language Service Providers to use one centrally-managed GroupShare project, but protect the client’s intellectual property as external translators only have access to specific files.

With the new Automatic email notification function, upon task assignment user(s) will automatically receive an email notifying them for a specific job.

Easy to use

Enchanced collaboration for translation teams

With SDL Studio GroupShare Projects it is easy to distribute and manage all resources while keeping up to date with progress and the project team members can enjoy the benefit of the real-time shared TM instantly. Project Managers using
SDL Trados Studio publish the translation project files, instead of manually distributing, collecting and chasing files by email and telephone. As translators and reviewers work, SDL Studio GroupShare will continually monitor and display progress while synchronizing translation files.

SDL Studio GroupShare does the hard work of monitoring progress and provides instant access to progress completion statistics.


Extends TM sharing to include new assets
  • Source files and reference documents on the server: no need to send them out
  • Live sharing of Project Settings (E.g. common QA checking)
Live progress updates
  • Reporting to track project completion
  • Version tracking of documents
Secure assignment and notification
  • Allocate individuals specific files
  • Team members manage project workflow themselves
  • Notification via email occurs automatically
Project archiving
  • Increase the application's performance and unclutter the projects' list
  • Continued compliance to ISO regulations

The advantage of Project Server is of course that everything remains on the server and that changes in project (verification) settings will be applied accordingly for the different users (no need to resend a package if the PM realized he forgot to define the verification settings during the initial project creation).

SDL Studio GroupShare Cloud

The ideal translation solution for small translation teams consisting of less than 10 users. SDL Studio GroupShare Cloud combines all the advantages and depth of functionality of SDL Trados Studio 2015 desktop with the flexibility of a cloud based collaborative solution.

A fresh approach

SDL Studio GroupShare Cloud is a new, alternative way to access SDL Studio GroupShare.

Offering a flexible online collaboration environment, SDL Studio GroupShare Cloud has the added benefit of being a hosted solution, meaning there is no software to install or manage.

Quick and cost-effective set up

Hosted by SDL and delivered via the internet, GroupShare Cloud offers a faster, easier set-up process, one that avoids the need to have the technical expertise to manage an on-premise solution.

Moreover as a hosted offering, there are fewer set-up costs associated with GroupShare Cloud, making it easier for small translation teams to make the step-up from their current file based way of working.

Secure and reliable

As the world's leading provider of translation software, SDL is committed to delivering best-in-class software whether on-premise or via the cloud.

Featuring the same robust technology as our on-premise version and being hosted exclusively by our own internal Cloud Operations division, GroupShare Cloud offers a collaboration platform that is reliable and also highly secure, making it the perfect online translation environment.

Flexibility for small teams

Thanks to SDL's superior architecture, GroupShare Cloud offers a flexible collaborative solution. Customers have the option to add new users at any point during their subscription, all of whom can work concurrently, regardless of where they are in the world.